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Hiking trail Lipova Serak

With Johann Schroth for one shot of rye

16,5 km
Estimated time:
5,5 h
Elevation gain:
819 m
Highest peak:
1331 m. a. s. l.


Route type:
There and back
For strollers:

Lipova - Schrothovy lazne - Javorik - Miroslav - Nad Branou - Pod Strmym - Pod Serakem - Serak

Difficulty level

A more demanding route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. The route is suitable for children from the age of 10 years.
3 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.


The route starts at the central car park in Lipova-lazne at the Schroth Health Spa. You can leave your car here, parking is paid.

Central car park Lipova-lazne

You will head towards the Schroth Health Spa or Villa Grohman. Then turn right along the forest path, following the blue tourist sign, in the direction of Javorik.

Who was Johann Schroth?

Johann Schroth was a natural healer and the founder of Dolní Lipová Spa.

Schroth's healing method was something quite unusual, incomprehensible and, in the minds of some people, dangerous. The treatment required considerable willpower and self-denial on the part of the patients. This was the only way to complete eight-hour wraps, dry and drinking days, etc.

Obesity was also treated here, with patients following a very strict diet, based mainly on the consumption of vegetables and lean meat. They were subjected to many hours of wraps. Every morning they drank a glass of rye brandy, and in the evening every liter of wine, without supper. And because it is easy to imagine what the patients must have looked like after just a few days, and because the method was named after the founder of Lázně Lipová and the entire multi-generational clan of doctors, Schroth (read Šrotov), it is easy to deduce what it really meant to be on a "schroth".

The route leads past meadows and through forests, often with muddy terrain. It is not demanding. However, expect a gradual climb to the Javorik signpost.

A shelter is available at the Javorik signpost. In the yellow box you will find the summit tourist diary. If you wish, you can leave your message here for other tourists.

Please treat the tourist diary with respect. In case you leave a message for other tourists, carefully wrap it in a bag afterwards so that it does not get wet.

Then you will follow the yellow tourist sign, here up a relatively steep hill. There is a nice view of Jesenik and the Javorik peak to the Miroslav signpost.

Then the route will take you to the Nad Branou signpost. Here, after 10 meters, continue along the yellow tourist sign. Then the route leads through the forest, partly along a rocky route.

In front of the Pod Strmym signpost, you can see a stone building on the right. These are Antonius-Quelle, respectively. Antonin's Spring, located at an altitude of 920 meters.

It was built in 1934 by Josef Spielvogel, who was part of the Lipova Sudeten Mountain Association. In 2019, the employees of the Archbishop's Forests and Estates Olomouc were restored. Anthony with the Child, the patron saint of travelers, was very popular with the German nation.

Antonin's Spring

A 400-meter climb of about 2.5 kilometers awaits you from the Pod Strmym signpost. The winding route, with a total of fourteen turns, leads through a beautiful alpine forest.

Please follow the tourist signs and do not shorten the route directly.

After a relatively difficult climb, you will appear at the Pod Serak signpost. From there, you can only walk 500 meters to the tourist cottage Jiriho na Seraku.

Serak is a 1351 meter high mountain. The peak itself, located in the reserve, is not accessible. The scenic path is located in the direction from the tourist cottage to the cable car station. Alternatively, another viewpoint is available at the restaurant, from where there is a beautiful view of Jesenik in beautiful weather.

The route back leads the same way as up.

Photo: Michal Cikryt

Difficulty level

A more demanding route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. The route is suitable for children from the age of 10 years.
3 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.

Services on the route

Parking Lot
Central parking
1x Shelter
Schroth Health Spa
At the Miroslavi
Antonin's Spring
National Natural Area
NNA Serak-Keprnik
From Serak (1331 m. a. s. l.)
Statue of a chamois
Restaurant - Jiriho na Seraku Cottage
Bell Tower at Serak
Prostor pro
Vaši reklamu
Máte v okolí Hrubého Jeseníku ubytování, restauraci nebo třeba firmu, a chtěli byste se dostat více do povědomí?

What not to forget?

Head out into the mountains with the appropriate gear and gear. Including plenty of water and food.
Do not enter places outside the approved tourist signs.
Don't go alone! We recommend going to the mountains at least in pairs.
Respect nature! Do not destroy it, do not make loud noises and do not leave garbage behind.
Save the phone number in case you'll be in an emergency situation.
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+420 1210
Don't forget to check the weather forecast before heading to the mountains.
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