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Hiking trails in Hruby Jesenik

Experience the beauty of the Hruby Jesenik on your own feet.


Where are you going today?

Tourist trail
We provide useful information about hiking trails in the Hruby Jesenik Mountains. Basic information about the trail, detailed description of the trail with photos, checkpoints, difficulty, services on the route, navigation to the parking lot, interactive map and more. Plan your trip and get a better idea of what awaits you on the route.

Plan your trips and get a better idea of what awaits you on the hiking trails.

Explore mesmerizing hidden spots.

  • Cervena hora

    peak, 1333 m.a.s.l.
  • Rejviz

  • Cervenohorske sedlo

    winding road from Kouty nad Desnou
  • Rysi skala

    rock at the top of Medvedi hora mountain (1163 m.a.s.l.)

It is important to us that you are prepared for a trip to the mountains.

Bloody feet due to inappropriate footwear. Strollers left due to poorly planned routes. Exhausted hikers who underestimated their strength and equipment for the mountains. People who do not respect nature and their surroundings. Or foreign visitors who did not get an overview of hiking trails in the Hruby Jesenik. Of course, there are many more reasons that convinced us to implement this project.
Our main goal is to simplify the preparation of trips, and to provide a comprehensive overview of marked hiking trails. We want tourists to get a better idea of what awaits them on the route and to be able to make sure that they are properly equipped, physically fit and educated on how to behave in the mountains.
We want to create an ideal environment for all lovers of tourism in the Hruby Jesenik. Both for Czech and foreign visitors.
Tourists were apparently surprised by the terrain, which was not suitable for strollers.


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