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Hiking trail Vresova studanka

Pilgrimage expedition in search of miraculous water

8 km
Estimated time:
2,5 h
Elevation gain:
300 m
Highest peak:
1324 m. a. s. l.


Route type:
There and back
For strollers:

Cervenohorske sedlo - Bily sloup - Vresova studanka - Cervena hora - Kamenne okno

Difficulty level

An easy route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. Suitable for children from 6 years of age.
1 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.


The route starts at Cervenohorske sedlo, where you can park your car in a large paid parking lot.

Parking lot at Cervenohorske sedlo
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The route is suitable for strollers and families with small children.

We will start the trip along the red tourist sign, which will take you to the Vresova studanka itself. Gradually, you will begin to climb, along a paved road, rocky and gravel in places.

The road towards Vresova studanka / Photo: Michal Cikryt

How miraculous water healed the hunter's family

According to legend, the miraculous water springing at the Vresova studanka was discovered by the hunter Franz. One day he shot a deer here so that he could better throw it out, he wanted to drag it under a flowing spring. Before he could stick his dagger into the deer, the deer came to life and ran away into the forest.

After some time, the gamekeeper Franz was transferred to Brandys town, where unfortunately he and his family fell ill with leprosy. The hunter woke up every day with dreams in which the Virgin Mary appeared to him and urged him to visit the well. Franz and his family packed up and set off, with the last of their strength, to the well, where they healed their wounds.

Out of gratitude and to commemorate this miracle, he hung a holy picture of Our Lady of Sorrows at the well. The news of the spring spread quickly and soon people from far and wide began to come to the place for the miraculous water. Gradually, a small place of pilgrimage was established at the well

We are gradually moving away from Cervenohorske sedlo, which can be viewed from several lookout points. The route leads through a forest gravel road, so it is acceptable for strollers. After 2.5 km, you can rest on the benches at the White Column signpost.

From here we set off along the red tourist sign. After a kilometer, a small chapel called Vresova studanka peeks out at us. From the chapel there are beautiful views of the nearby peaks of Spaleny vrch (1313 m above sea level), Vozka (1377 m above sea level) and even the more distant Keprnik (1423 m above sea level).

Vresova studanka / Photo: Michal Cikryt

Former cottage on Vresova studanka

There used to be a mountain chalet on the Heather Well. In 1968, Vera Caslavska was hiding from the communists here, even before leaving for the Olympics in Mexico. In the 1960s, the cottage was still in operation, including the possibility of tourist accommodation and catering. However, it was closed in 1981 due to technical problems and demolished in 1988 without replacement.

We recommend that you take a good walk around this location. A little further, from the Vresova studanka signpost, along the green tourist route, there is the rock formation called Kamenne okno (Stone Window). From here there is a beautiful view of Praded and the valley of the Snezna kotlina.
Kamenne okno / Photo: Michal Cikryt
Alternatively, you can relax and have a picnic on the rocky formations on Cervena hora, just above Vresova studanka.
View of Vozka and Keprnik
Rock formations on Cervena hora / Photo: Michal Cikryt
Foto: Michal Cikryt

Difficulty level

An easy route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. Suitable for children from 6 years of age.
1 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.

Services on the route

Parking Lot
On Cervenohorske sedlo
2x Shelter
Memorial to the Victims of the Mountains
Natural Area
NA Snezna kotlina
Vresova studanka
Chapel Vřesová studánka
Altar Stone
Rock Formations
Kamenne okno
Above the Vresova studanka
Restaurant Chata Cervenohorske sedlo
Prostor pro
Vaši reklamu
Máte v okolí Hrubého Jeseníku ubytování, restauraci nebo třeba firmu, a chtěli byste se dostat více do povědomí?

What not to forget?

Head out into the mountains with the appropriate gear and gear. Including plenty of water and food.
Do not enter places outside the approved tourist signs.
Don't go alone! We recommend going to the mountains at least in pairs.
Respect nature! Do not destroy it, do not make loud noises and do not leave garbage behind.
Save the phone number in case you'll be in an emergency situation.
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+420 1210
Don't forget to check the weather forecast before heading to the mountains.
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