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Hiking trail Bila Opava

Along the waterfalls of Bila Opava

17 km
Estimated time:
6 h
Elevation gain:
641 m
Highest peak:
1491 m. a. s. l.


Route type:
There and back
For strollers:

Karlova studanka - Waterfalls of Bila Opava - Barborka - Pod Pradedem - Praded - Ovcarna

Difficulty level

A more demanding route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. The route is suitable for children from the age of 10 years.
3 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.


You can park your car either in the free small parking lot right at the entrance to Bila Opava, or you can leave it in the paid parking lot Karlova studanka a few hundred meters away.

Parking at the entrance
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Parking in Karlova Studanka
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The kilometre-long route from the road to the first signpost Na paloucku is not difficult.

At the crossroads, you have the choice of taking a more difficult trail that leads right close to waterfalls, cascades, rock formations and rapids. Or you can choose an easier route. If you want to take a more difficult route, we recommend taking it upwards.

If you are not confident in your physical strength and belong to a group of less fit hikers, we recommend avoiding the harder trail. This is a challenging and, in many cases, slippery terrain.

On a more difficult trail, you will overcome obstacles in the form of logs, slippery rocks, sidewalks, ladders or footbridges leading through Bila Opava.

Bila Opava Valley
We definitely recommend having suitable non-slip shoes.
The more difficult trail is open to tourists in the summer season from June to the end of September. Or in the spring season when there is no more snow. It is not recommended in winter.

Whether you choose an easier or more difficult trail, you will get to the common signpost Nad Vodopady Bile Opavy (Above the Bila Opava Waterfalls). From here you will continue to the Barborka tourist cottage. The difficulty of the path is determined mainly by the elevation, possible roots, and stairs leading to the cottage. In short, a walk through the beautiful forest along the Bila Opava River.

Road to the Barborka Tourist Cottage
Tourist cottage Barborka

From Barborka, follow the road to the U Barborky signpost, where you will continue along the red route in the direction of Praded.
Road towards Praded

At Praded you can take a picture with statue of Praded, or with the mystical spirit of the mountains, visit the lookout tower or restaurant. It is the highest peak of Hruby Jesenik, and at the same time it is the fifth highest mountain in the Czech Republic.

We recommend going around the transmitter from the other side as well. There is a lookout tower with a view of, for example, Vysoka hole (1465 m above sea level), Dlouhe strane (1354 m above sea level) or Medvedi hrbet (1261 m above sea level).

Praded is the highest point in the Czech Republic

The upper plateau of Praded, or rather the television transmitter with a lookout tower, is the highest, albeit artificial, point in the Czech Republic, with a height of 1637.5 m above sea level.

Transmitter at Praded

Praded, the mythical spirit of the Hruby Jesenik Mountains

Praded, the righteous spirit of the local peaks, who rewards the good and punishes the evil deeds of all who go to the Hruby Jesenik Mountains. In the oldest depictions, Praded used to be a giant in a miner's blouse with a burner. It protected plants, animals and the wealth that was hidden in the bowels of the Jeseniky underground.

The mythical spirit Praded also had power over people who harmed the living creatures of his realm. Such disturbers of the peace he cursed into the form of an abused animal. Since then, it has been said that many animals in the Jeseniky Mountains have a human soul.

On the way back, you can change your route a bit. Instead of taking the route to Barborka, you can continue along the road towards Ovcarna. At the Ovcarna - chata signpost, take the bus towards the parking lot, and then follow the yellow route, which will take you to the Pod Ovcarnou signpost. You will then continue along the same route towards the parking lot.

Difficulty level

A more demanding route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. The route is suitable for children from the age of 10 years.
3 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.

Services on the route

Parking Lot
Parking lot near Bila Opava
Parking Lot
Parking lot Karlova Studanka
2x Shelter
National Natural Area
NNA Praded
Bila Opava Valley
Spring at the Bila Opava waterfalls
Waterfalls of Bila Opava
Tourist Cottage
To the Desna Valley
Historical Landmark
Mountain Peak
Praded (1491 m. n. m.)
Statue of Praded
From Praded
The Fairy from Bila Opava
Praded Restaurant
Tourist Cottage
Prostor pro
Vaši reklamu
Máte v okolí Hrubého Jeseníku ubytování, restauraci nebo třeba firmu, a chtěli byste se dostat více do povědomí?

What not to forget?

Head out into the mountains with the appropriate gear and gear. Including plenty of water and food.
Do not enter places outside the approved tourist signs.
Don't go alone! We recommend going to the mountains at least in pairs.
Respect nature! Do not destroy it, do not make loud noises and do not leave garbage behind.
Save the phone number in case you'll be in an emergency situation.
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+420 1210
Don't forget to check the weather forecast before heading to the mountains.
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