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Hiking trail Skritek Jeleni studanka

With an elf in the footsteps of a golden deer

17 km
Estimated time:
5 h
Elevation gain:
510 m
Highest peak:
1332 m. a. s. l.


Route type:
For strollers:

Skritek - Pod Ztracenymi kameny - Ztracene kameny - Pec - Pecny - Bridlicna hora - Jeleni studanka - Alfredka - Mravenci sedlo - Pod Josefinkou - Pod Zelenymi kameny

Difficulty level

A more demanding route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. The route is suitable for children from the age of 10 years.
3 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.


The hiking trail starts at the Na Skritku parking lot, where you can leave your car and set out on a day-long expedition.

Parking lot Na Skritku

You will cross the main road towards the forest, past the statue of an elf, where you will continue along a relatively straight 600 meters of green hiking trail. On your right side there is the National Nature Reserve Moorland Skritek, and on the left side along the road flows the Klepacovsky stream.

Be careful when crossing the road!
Please do not go outside the tourist signs.

At the Nad Skritkem signpost, you will continue along the green tourist sign. This is where the most difficult part of the route begins, namely the gradual climb to Ztracene kameny. He will walk along a forest path, weaving stones and roots.

Then you will reach the signpost Pod Ztracenymi kameny. Here you can rest under a shelter after a difficult route for some.

You will continue along the green tourist trail up a relatively steep, rocky hill.

Steep climb from the signpost

As soon as you climb this hill, a less demanding journey through a beautiful forest to the Ztracene kameny awaits you. You will walk through the Bridlicna Nature Reserve, around the so-called Ztracene skaly.

In beautiful weather, the Ztracene kameny will gradually peek out at you from the forest.

Ztracene kameny

Then the route will take you uphill, which is not so demanding. After a while, you will find yourself on the ridge, or rather on the forepeak of Pec (1311 m above sea level), along which you will go to Jeleni studanka. In a short time you will find yourself at the top of Pecny (1334 m above sea level).

Road to Pec
The beginning of the main ridge of the Hruby Jesenik
Pecny (1334 m. n. m.)

From Pecny, the route will take you along the so-called ridge road, around the Bridlicna hora. Again, this is not a difficult route, on the contrary, you will go slightly downhill.
View from Pecny
Despite the fact that the very top of Bridlicna hora is located off the tourist markings: Do not go off the marked hiking trails!

Along a roughly 2.5-kilometer ridge we will reach the Jeleni studanka signpost. A little further on is a resting place with a flowing spring and a shelter for shelter in bad weather.

Jeleni studanka

Why in the footsteps of the golden deer?

The legend of the Jeleni studanka (Deer Well) tells of a golden deer that always comes here at midnight to drink water. Then they pound their massive antlers on the ground so hard that a geyser of golden stars flies out of them, which fall to the surface of the Jeleni studanka and give the water the gift of wealth. Whoever smears this water on his face on the same day (after midnight) will be enriched. Whether it was money or wealth of the spirit, the legend does not say.

From Jeleni studanka, return a few meters back to the Jeleni studanka signpost, and head down to Alfredka, following the red/yellow tourist sign. Again, the path is not difficult, it leads through a beautiful forest.

From Jeleni studanka towards Alfredka
Road to Alfredka

The route to Alfredka leads to the border of the Bridlicna Nature Reserve, the Praded National Nature Reserve and the Pod Jeleni studankou Nature Reserve. You are in a really beautiful location.

However, a few kilometers before Alfredka, you will find yourself in another world. You will come across fallen trees that interfere with continuation. Don't worry, you'll get through the place, but you'll have to climb over or go around a few trunks and trees. After a few meters, you will join an easier path that will take you to Alfredka.

Fallen trees near Alfredka
Fallen trees near Alfredka
Be careful when you cross this location.

You will arrive at the so-called Alfredka. This location is very popular, as there used to be a tourist cottage here. There is a modest refreshment stand and several places to relax.

Renowned Alfredova Cottage

Alfredova Cottage (formerly a hunting lodge and later a mountain chalet). In its time, it was one of the most visited places in the Hruby Jesenik Mountains. Unfortunately, it has been rebuilt several times during its existence. Several operators were replaced and it was affected by two fires. The fire in 2002 was fatal and only the foundations of Alfredova cottage remained.

From there, you will continue along the yellow tourist sign towards the Mravenci sedlo signpost. And from Mravenci sedlo again follow the yellow tourist sign, towards the signpost Pod Josefinkou. A total of 6.5 kilometers of route awaits you under the ridges you crossed.

You will walk along a forest path, through the forest and past waterfalls. The route is not difficult.

An abundant number of anthills can be found in the place. Please don't destroy them!
Pod Josefinkou
Pod Zelenymi kameny signpost

After a long route under the ridges, you will find yourself at the signpost Pod Ztracenymi kameny, which you know well. From there, you already know the way. You will continue along the yellow/green tourist sign towards the Na Skritku car park.

Pod Ztracenymi kameny

Difficulty level

A more demanding route, suitable for both fit and less fit hikers. The route is suitable for children from the age of 10 years.
3 / 5

Navigation to the parking lot

Park your car comfortably in the parking lot and go on a day trip to the mountains.

Services on the route

Parking Lot
3x shelter
National Natural Area
NPR Moorland Skritek
Klepacovsky stream
Natural Area
NA Bridlicna
Rock Formations
Ztracene kameny (1251 m. n. m.)
From Ztracene kameny
Mountain Peak
Pec (1311 m. n. m.)
Mountain Peak
Pecny (1330 m. n. m.)
Around Bridlicna hora
Jeleni studanka
At the Jeleni studanka
National Natural Area
NNA Praded
Natural Area
NA Pod Jeleni studankou
Stánek u Alfrédky
former Alfred's cottage
Stribrny stream
Podolsky stream
Waterfalls under Josefinka
Splavsky stream
Prostor pro
Vaši reklamu
Máte v okolí Hrubého Jeseníku ubytování, restauraci nebo třeba firmu, a chtěli byste se dostat více do povědomí?

What not to forget?

Head out into the mountains with the appropriate gear and gear. Including plenty of water and food.
Do not enter places outside the approved tourist signs.
Don't go alone! We recommend going to the mountains at least in pairs.
Respect nature! Do not destroy it, do not make loud noises and do not leave garbage behind.
Save the phone number in case you'll be in an emergency situation.
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+420 1210
Don't forget to check the weather forecast before heading to the mountains.
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